Solar Information

Exposure, Potential, and General Info

Solar and Indiana

Solar electricity is produced through photovoltaic(PV) technologies. This requires solar radiation from the sun traveling to Earth and striking a PV cell which uses semiconductors to directly convert radiation into electricity. These principles are the basis on which solar PV systems work and have been put into practice for many years.

Southern Indiana recieves an abundance of solar radiation and, depending on site specifics, makes solar electricity extremely viable in our area. With proper planning, solar systems in our area can be highly productive and provide reliable renewable energy for many years. The map below shows general solar radiation exposure in the United States and can give you an idea of how Indiana compares to other states. Through a proper site assessment we can give you a detailed report of what you can expect to produce at your location.

Solar Options

Solar photovoltaic systems are very flexible and can be catered to a users needs and location. There are many options you have when designing your system.

  • Utility grid tied system versus off-grid battery tied system.
  • Large system or small system designed to grow in the future.
  • Solar array can be mounted on a home or on a free standing pole mount.
  • PV systems can be designed to produce maximum power at certain times of day or year.