About Us

Stumpners Building Services

Our History

Stumpners Building Services was started by Richard Stumpner in 1981 after working for serveral years in the construction industry. Since then we have been building custom homes in the Bloomington area. We have built a strong reputation based on our dedication to quality construction and customer satisfation. In more recent years our concentration has shifted towards energy efficient and sustainable construction. Additionally, we have begun to push for the expansion of solar energy in the Bloomington community. Since 2007 we have been performing solar site assesments and installing photovoltaic arrays throughout the area. We feel that the future of our society must be forged in a sustainable fashion, and that is where we see the future of our company.

Whats the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?

-Henry David Thoreau

Our Team

Our Mission

To further sustainable efforts in construction and home energy. At the same time we strive towards quality craftsmanship and building a strong community. Working with homeowners who share this mission has given us and our customers great satisfaction and enjoyment over the years.