Our Business Partners

Links and Info
  • The Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network(SIREN) has worked hard to promote renewable energies and bring together inspired people across southern Indiana.

  • David is a LEED acredited professional and works with us on home design. We have also partnered with David on a new aquaponics venture.

  • Sol Systems is a nationally recognized company in solar and renewable markets. They provide accounts for our solar customers to sell their renewable energy credits.

  • We have worked with Quality HVAC for many years to meet our heating and cooling needs and more recently as a contractor for geothermal systems.

  • Electric Services had been working in the Bloomington area for over 30 years and has done quality work on many of our homes and photovoltaic systems.

  • Gengee is a design, consulting, and commissioning firm that specializes in many different areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, and green building.