Renewable energy for your home

Solar Power for Indiana

Since 2007 we have been performing solar site assesments and installing photovoltaic arrays throughout the Bloomington area. We feel that the future of our society must be forged in a sustainable fashion, and we feel solar energy must play a large role. Solar photovoltaics provide the homeowner a source of renewable energy while reducing dependance on conventional energy sources. All installations are perfomed and supervised by Loren Stumpner, a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional.

Our Process

Site Assessment

1The first step in any photovoltaic project is to do a thorough site assessment. We will meet with you to determine possible array size, panel locations, and discuss all other necessary considerations. Once a location is determined, measurements and images are taken to calculate potential solar exposure and energy production.

Array Design

2Once a site assessment is complete we can design a solar array specifically for you. The array design will be based on your desired energy output, location logistics, and your inverter and panel preferences.


3The final step involves the installation of the solar array and connecting that to your home electrical grid. Your panels will be mounted at the location of the initial assessment, typically a roof or independent post structure. Wiring from your panels will be run through an inverter and connected to your home circuit breaker or battery storage. You are now on the path to energy independence!

Reasons to Go Solar

Solar electricity is a proven and well established energy source. Nearly all of our electricity in South-Central Indiana is produced through the burning of coal. Installing photovoltaics is a step in the process of weening ourselves off this dirty energy source. Beyond that, there are many reasons to invest in solar on your home:

  • Zero-emission electricity source
  • 30% Federal tax credits
  • Continually rising conventional energy costs
  • Energy independence
  • Renewable energy credit programs

Financial Incentives and Pay-Back Periods

There are several incentives to invest in photovoltaics beyond environmental benefits and energy independence. As with any home improvement project, the cost of installing a solar array must be considered. There is a significant initial cost to a solar installation but after that the system begins to pay itself back. The cost and pay-back period will vary significantly, but generally larger systems will cost less per killowat and have a shorter pay-back period.

Two major factors that will help you recoup your investment are tax credits and the sale of your renewable energy credits. There is currently a 30% renewable energy tax credit available through the federal government that is available through 2016. In addition to that we have partnered with SolSystems to allow our customers to sell their renewable energy credits. These tools can significantly lower your costs and shorten your pay-back period.